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Website Security

Websites get hacked. Let's make sure your site is one of the last or never to be hacked.

WordPress accounts for 1/3 of all sites on the web

So many sites are run by the WordPress software that it is a huge target for hackers. Only 30% of WordPress sites are kept up-to-date. Those that are have less chance of being hacked.

Site Security

We secure your site with a top of the line security plugin. If hosted with us, we also have more secure server settings.


We backup your website. Hosting companies backup their servers. There is a difference. Ask us why.

Software Updates

Just like you have to update the software on your computer, we update the software on your website. This keeps security holes to a minimum.

Site Monitoring

If you have someone watching your site, they will be able to respond faster than waiting for someone else to tell you that your site is messed up. We monitor sites.

Avoid Being Blacklisted

If your site gets malware, your site could be blacklisted by Google. That means your site won't show up in search results, people using Chrome won't be able to see your site, and other browsers may block your site too. We prevent this from happening.

Website Security Audit

Purchase a FULL security audit of your website today.
We check for all kinds of security holes in your website. This solves potential issues that are not remedied just by keeping things up-to-date.

  • Protects against Denial of Service attacks
  • Protects against brute force attacks
  • Protects against hackers learning much about your site
  • Protects against attackers accessing sensitive areas of your site
  • Strengthens server security
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